It happened around a fire pit in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to our knowing one another, in the simplest of terms the world might have labeled us; Paul the transformational coach, Anna the lawyer, Diana the therapist, and Max the techie.

When we met, we were indeed as different as we seemed at a glance. But we were drawn together like moths to a flame, and in mid-2016 we had each stepped out of our normal lives to do little but dialogue together around a fire pit on our back porch

Warmed in the orange dim around the dancing flames, we pontificated about the critically challenging point humanity had reached, desiring to create the more beautiful world our hearts knew was possible. And as the moon came and went several hundred times, the dialogues increasingly deepened into the interpersonal as our individual selves were becoming an “us”. 

And “stuff came up”. Stuff between us. Stuff outside of us. Stuff inside of us. Hard stuff. Ingrained stuff. Core stuff.

But we were “all in”, no matter what, each one of us having committed everything we had; determined to let the fire burn away all that did not serve us and the vision of the more beautiful world.

So we stayed through everything that came up from: anger, to sadness, to fear, to rage, to despair over “how are we going to pay this month’s rent?” Together we navigated personal traumas and collective archetypes, knowingly rewriting who we were and how our world could be.

Paul trust falling into the arms of life while surrendering hierarchy and control; Anna breaking her family’s expectations to carve a path of true freedom in work, money and relationship; Diana journeying through intimate relationship into self-responsibility, empowerment and sovereignty; Max transforming from isolation to entering deep realms of relational wisdom.

We ideated over how to create a business container that the four of us could exist within and make a difference in the world. One born out of the transformations we were experiencing around the flames.

"From those fires came not just new
organizational architecture, but also a
new way of being with each other..."

And then something beautiful happened. In the midst of all of our relational discourse, in moments of coherence and clarity, new foundational systems sprang from the fires we had walked through to burn away our fears, our masks, and our egos to illuminate our shared purpose.

From those fires came not just new organizational architecture, but also a new way of being with each other that enables those people wanting to create something together, to be in relationship with each other in a way where one person doesn’t need to be “in control” at the top of the hierarchy, and where money isn’t used to manipulate or incentivize people to work.

All of these things combined formed what we now share with others and call, the “Light Leadership model”.

And after 2.5 years of diving deep around the fire pit, in October 2018 the four of us finally came out to play in the world and were seen and felt by the community for the something that was different about us; the palpable energetic field that we had co-created among us and the unique way of navigating relational dynamics that, today, we offer to the collective as humanity moves through this critical juncture.

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