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Transparency has become a bit of a buzzword in the business world.

Which makes sense.

With the advent of the digital age, our human cultural context has dramatically shifted.

We’re now used to having the world’s information at our fingertips, and the notion of privacy is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Businesses are becoming aware that it serves them to share their inner worlds, so to speak, with the outside world. To make financial information public, to externally share the company’s vision for the future, to reveal more of the company’s inner workings. Ultimately, it helps the outside world feel connected with their inner world, it builds trust and this, in turn, supports the business.

But what about transparency within the business itself?

There seems to be a shift here as well. Where businesses are sharing more of this information with their employees, creating an internal environment that is more open and less walled off than it has been in the past.

So if that’s the case, why do the individuals within the businesses wall themselves off? Why do their inner worlds not get shared in this same vein? Wouldn’t it make sense that this too would enhance connection, build trust and, in turn, support the business?

Can you imagine…

  • A business culture where there isn’t this walled off work / life separation? Where you are in a shared reality with your team members, not only with transparency around the company’s inner world, but also with transparency around your personal inner worlds? Because all of you is invited and welcome?
  • A business culture where this means you are invited to fully express your personal struggles, your fears, your anger, your resistance, your blocks, and it is actually safe to do so? Where it will actually be received with openness and love? Because your inner world is a valued part of the whole?
  • A business culture that values transparency so highly that it is a foundational part of the business model itself? Where you have daily touch points with your team members where you share about your inner worlds, where you rate each other’s participation biweekly in a way that reflects this value, and where you attend monthly “sweat lodges” where you “sweat out” any unresolved stuff in the space together? Because the relational fabric of the team is foundational to the sustainability and success of the business itself?

This is how we operate at Transformation Agency.

And, at times, it’s scary.

Most of us were conditioned on the opposite end of the spectrum, in a world of privacy, of separation.

Taught not to bring all of ourselves to the table.

Especially not at work.

But the impact of living into the value of transparency consistently speaks for itself.

Choosing to show up fully, with transparency, has supported powerful growth for the individual members of this team. Every time we go a layer deeper, the connections viscerally deepen and the synergy palpably enhances. And it consistently catalyzes important shifts in the company culture.

By allowing people to bring more of themselves, they also bring more of their gifts and talents. And with that comes more innovation, a higher quality contribution, and a deep heartfelt love for the business itself.

How can you bring more transparency to your business?

What are the hard things you’re avoiding sharing?

What would happen if you stepped into trust and shared them?

Answering these questions might very well free up the space for your business’ next big aha moment to emerge.

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