Light leadership consulting &

Light leadership master coaches and consultants are available,
schedule permitting, for private consulting, guidance, and integration.

we are committed to facilitating the ignition of your brilliance,
no matter what your unique situation, goals,
and/or perceived challenges.

Paul Cooper

Paul can relate to the classic Visionary – because he’s tall and white and handsome and smart and was the one earning the money and funding it all from the beginning. Just by the virtue of occupying that position, people kept giving their power away to him, and failing to meet him in his emotional experience. As such, Paul’s journey has involved immense foresight, exceptional patience and exquisite resilience. As a living example of surrendered Leadership, he has held space for those around him, so that they could rise into their power, while also refraining from the impulse to exert control or be directive with them until control was no longer the default mechanism for taking action in the business.

Diana Fleischmann

Diana has seen the extremes of life, from supporting her mother through a terminal illness to traveling all over the world. In 2015 she fell deeply in love with Paul, and embarked on a journey of surrender, empowerment, and sovereignty. With her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, Diana has learned to let go, face her fears of loss and step into becoming self-responsible to create an altogether new, more beautiful, integrated and embodied fairytale experience of co-creation with the love of her life and her team.

Anna Margolis

Anna trod the traditional path of success and professional credibility in the material world. As a former international labour lawyer for top law firms and then a successful business owner, she developed the awareness of how to run the key aspects of a growing business operation. Her journey has involved breaking her family’s expectations to carve a path of true freedom and fulfillment in work, money and relationship, and letting go into surrender and full self-expression to step into an embodied experience of sovereignty.

Max Nachamkin

Max is also affectionately known as “The Tech Ninja”. Growing up in Philadelphia, at age 9 he was building websites; at age 12 he created a Blackjack program with AI; and at age 13 he started his first web design company and created an award-winning robot for a National Engineering Competition. Today, Max is continually surfing the edge of the cultural wave of rapidly developing exponential tech, breaking down the energetic dynamics of any given situation, contributing gems of relational wisdom and building technology to support the team’s rapid development.