Attention leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, partners and teams:

Are You Ready To Experience
New Levels Of Coherence, Connection,
And Collaboration?

If you're passionate about transformation,
creative collaboration, relational coherence
and regenerative community...

…and ready to experience an expanded sense of possibility, freedom and empowerment, both in your personal and professional life, we invite you to imagine a new possibility with us:

Imagine you’ve just stepped into a luxurious, five-star, barefoot resort in the jungles of Costa Rica. You’re greeted by a warm and welcoming host who takes your heavy bags for you, and you immediately feel relaxed and present. You hear the soothing sound of a private waterfall in the distance… or is it the wild river running beneath your geodesic dome home in the forest… or the Infinity Pool overlooking the ocean?

Everywhere you turn, amongst the astounding architecture and vibrant views, you see a fellow badass adventurer greeting you with a bright smile and a big hug (or a high five if you prefer, this is your imagination after all)…

So many new faces… streams of enlivening conversation fill the space.

Voices of inspired leaders fired up to share their gifts.

Perhaps you feel shy, but everyone seems familiar and friendly, like kindred spirits or long lost friends. Somehow you feel a surreal sense of belonging, though no idea what’s coming next.

Sumptuous smells of organic gourmet cuisine waft through the air… the feast is nearly ready. The energy of excitement is palpable. The tribe is gathering.

You’ve arrived. Are you ready to step into a new possibility?

If so….

Join us

July 23-30th @ Imiloa Institute a pristine
5 star eco-resort in Dominical, Costa Rica.

and we’ll be in touch


This is an invitational, all-inclusive, immersive training, diving deep into the
heart of coherence building, the art of emergence, and the leading edge of
integrated relating.

We cap our events at 25 participants to maintain the intimacy and integrity
of the container.



What I've witnessed in [my wife] most is her taking off her masks and layers of ego in how she interacts with the world. She’s felt safe enough to do this because she's been in a space where she feels loved and celebrated for who she is. So much of that is possible because of the safety and love and holding she’s experienced in community, and I know that's possible for anyone who comes into a space like this and opens their heart… I've witnessed it first hand. It's changed our lives.



Founder of Influex


LIGHT LEADERSHIP is the extreme adventure sport of coherence building and relating. As someone with over a decade of experience working on visionary projects, community, trainings, retreats, ceremony, trauma work and authentic relating, I see that this crew has created something revolutionary and needed for a world in transition.

Luke Kohen

Luke Kohen

Founder of Living Wisdom Retreats


The commitment at Light Leadership is to a set of personal and communal practices and values to model a new form of freely expressive, fully communicative, and co-creative human self-organizing…addressing inspiring projects on the theme of fostering "a world that works for everyone.

Luke Kohen

Artie Vipperla

Founder of Energy's Way


When I finally said yes to experiencing the full Light Leadership experience this past Fall, I saw that what they've been creating is a space for full range expression that is oh so necessary in these times of certain change..

I felt held and loved in the fullness of all that I am, in a way that allowed parts of me to express that had been held back for quite some time -- the most intimate spaces of my heart could be held with love, in community.

On the other side of that, I feel the expansion of my own capacity to express more in the greater world, as well as the willingness to do so, in ways that will become more evident as this year progresses.

What Light Leadership has done is built a coherent enough community of intimate connection that we can take greater risks together.

Ali Shanti

Ali Shanti

CEO of Eyes Wide Open & New
Law Business Model


Those who know me well know what I mean when I say I’ve been looking for the source code of human experience. Well I found it in Boulder a few months ago with Light Leadership and life has not been the same since.



Visionary of The Chrysalis Fund


Leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, partners and teams that are ready to experience new levels of coherence, connection, and collaboration.

Those ready to experience an expanded sense of possibility, freedom and empowerment, both in their personal and professional lives.

Those passionate about transformation, creative collaboration, relational coherence and regenerative community.

COST: $5,000


  • Six days of immersive experiential training
  • Embodiment practices and guided visualizations
  • Evenings of live music, dancing, fireside chats and social synergy
  • 5-star “barefoot” experience, pristine jungle resort with Infiniti pools, onsite waterfalls, local beaches, and exotic wildlife.
  • 7 nights’ accommodation, including 250 year old Balinese homes, bliss bungalows and luxury geodesic domes.
  • Locally sourced organic gourmet meals each day.
  • Unlimited organic coffee, tea & snacks
  • Transport to and from San Jose Airport 
  • What’s not included – Flights to Costa Rica


Our Mission

At Imiloa, we align our intentions to serve the greater good as we play our role in the ever evolving world around us. Our campus is a foundation, a global meeting place, that combines high-end luxury with the magic and beauty of pristine jungle.

We welcome Masters and their students, for profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as, people looking for the ultimate vacation to host or join events and experiences at Imiloa. As we aim to help others recognize that we are the true masters of our lives, we are pioneering the evolution of mastery and community building for a bright future.

Our Vision

As we set our sights on being a catalyst for personal and social transformation, our vision is to expand beyond our flagship location in Costa Rica and establish 5 additional Imiloa Institute locations around the world.

By creating the fundamentals for a fun and entertaining, turnkey solution to higher education and high-end hospitality, the Imiloa brand is on path to become a global leader in the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability) market.