What happens when a group of humans organizes differently to grow their vision of a more beautiful world?

What happens when a group of people sharing a vision becomes a community of purpose that can actualize that vision?

What happens in the kind of culture where distributed leadership, personal sovereignty, and honest expression are valued and welcomed?

Where the structure of organization is no longer relegated to a traditional org chart, a top down leadership structure, or resting all on the shoulders of the visionary of the project or the CEO to make everything happen. 

This is a training for Visionaries and teams of people who have been imbued with a vision they feel compelled to actualize into the world. 

Light Leadership has developed a comprehensive governance model that follows the laws of nature that supports startups, businesses, and communities who are invested in collaborating and actualizing a shared vision and purpose, to transition from traditional top down rigid hierarchies (that can all too easily suck the life out of the inspiring work you originally set out to do) into a heterarchical, more fluid, flexible, and distributed organizational design.

Light Leadership represents a new paradigm of organization that welcomes the whole of our humanity back into the workplace and remembers the essential nature of the intimacy and vibrancy of our human relationships, at the heart of our creative endeavors.

Our Mission is to support small, highly interacting groups, with a shared purpose, who are bringing a shared vision into the world to become highly resilient, effective and adaptable teams. 

We provide small groups with a foundation for your vision so that you can move it into reality with a strong, connected, resilient team of people you actually enjoy playing and working with, through all the joys and all the challenges. 

This retreat is all about the Relational/Emotional side of teams. And it is the most overlooked, and the most challenging place for many people who feel compelled to get their vision into the world.

If you’re getting stuck finding the right people to help you make your vision a reality, you’re bogged down with all the relational tension, the high turnover of employees or contractors, or you’re in constant power struggles with your family, teams, or co workers, this container will give you the tools to understand how to navigate the relational/emotional world of your startup, family or business culture with a wider range of allowance and expression, that will enhance your team’s creative efficiency and ability to execute projects with a high level of collective coordination and innovation. 

This is for Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, and Small-Medium sized Teams who are in the beginning stages of starting up or have already tried (and struggled) to galvanize around actualizing a world changing, sustainable and more beautiful world vision. 

This is for Visionaries who’ve been theorizing and attempting to create systems in the realms of Game B, Decentralized and Heterarchical models

This is for Mothers and Fathers who have been imbued with a vision to create and embody new family models and systems. 

This is for land stewards who are building Eco Villages, Permaculture Farms, and Sustainable Communities.  

Come on your own as the visionary or bring your whole team with you. 

This event is set up to remove many of the traditional barriers that make creativity and expression become strained or stop all together. 

It is a practice ground.

It’s foundational question is: 

What happens when a group of humans comes together to actualize a shared vision into the world? 

Through the retreat, we will discover together the answers to this question as you navigate what barriers keep you and the group from resilience, expression, and collaboration. 

Here’s what happens……

We sit together as a group in a circle, in the jungle, surrounded by trees, lush forest, animals roaming freely and monkeys climbing through the treetops…..

In an open air dojo called the House of Masters…..as we’re guided through the “More Beautiful World” Meditation.

This sets us together, in rhythm and attunement to the task at hand; to discover what comes up and out of us in the face of such a vision, as we dream collectively together, bridge the ancient with the modern, re-village, re-integrate and tribalize.

As we become the embodiment of the answers we seek together, and bring forth codes of living that make a more beautiful world.

We share, popcorn style, the pieces we each hold and carry….How the vision has been weaving through us; bringing our whole selves, hearts and bodies to the process.

Some of us stay quiet, silent even.

Some of us are loud, steal the show with our voices.

No matter…

All of it,



As part of the whole.

We share origin stories.

All super hero individuals, who’ve lived amazing experiences giving rise to who we are here and now; revealing why we’ve come to the practice ground this time around.

Anchored by our sharing of the personal stories that grew us up and brought us here, in a space free of social conditioning, mass human influence, corrupt governance, technological overload, co-dependent and abusive business and marketing tactics.

In recognition and reverence of how Micro to Macro, it’s all the same.

And then, here, now, the fun begins.

What starts to work on us and through us as these visions and stories surface? As our longing, our DNA remembrance of community, tribe and beauty realizes it has space to play.

A constellation of human experience where spontaneous processes and dialogues arise that can be both healing and triggering for each person.

Each person is trusted to move through their own experience and follow their own inner calling.

And sometimes it gets messy here in the dojo.

It can get intense, scary even, as the communal beast comes out into the seen, depending on you and your stories: the wounds, the fears, the lies and the tensions.

But together we breathe in and out through chaos, in connection, in play, having fun, nourishment, meals together, and a few surprises sprinkled in.

This is real community growing, in real time.

If you resonate with any of the points above…

…….and you want a place to,

Breath and become lighter; 

A practice ground of truth; 

A sacred dojo for warriors of both the dark and the light of humanity….

…..and you want a place to: gestate, grow, play, incubate, inoculate, learn, teach, share, create, collaborate……

But most importantly, to practice.

Then we invite you to join us. 

Everyone here is playing, practicing, even those of us who organized this event. 

We aren’t your teachers, it’s not a business training, you won’t walk away with steps to go and accomplish.

For those of us who host this event we hold it as a sacred practice ground to witness the core stories unravel that have ripped the fabric of our innate communities apart, remembering our divinity, honoring our humanity and re-weaving it all back together as the story of a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 

We created it because we ourselves love it and wanted it to be a practice space where we get to see what we’ve really learned and how well we are actually able to embody who we say we are.

This event will stretch your capacity to stand in your integrity and strength in the face of all of the expressions of creation, so that you can practice allowing the emergence of the creative to occur: unimpeded by what you think should occur, un-strangled by a well meaning but out of place agenda, and unburdened by the need to control or guide the creative forces as the “leader”.


March 2-11, 2021


In contrast to the kind of events where there is one teacher, one leader, one facilitator and a team of people “holding” it all together, this is the cutting edge of collective leadership: a self-organizing space, where no one person is “in charge”, teaching you things, standing in the front “facilitating” or guiding the processes.

There is no agenda for our gathering sessions, except to be in presence with one another and witness what comes up when we come together to speak, share, relate and co-create, without rules, contrived agreements or clinging to safety or healing processes.

We can’t promise you outcomes here, or guarantee you the floor to guide us or lead us.

There is no talking stick, and we like it that way because we respect your innate knowing on when to speak and when to shut the fuck up.

We respect you if you never show up for any group sessions and just play in the waterfall the whole time; your play and inspiration is an example too.

What we can say is that your personal sovereignty is highly held here;

 Your freedom is respected; and your capacity as a human is honored.

Here is a space where you bring yourself, and just by being you, you add to the magic, whether or not you ever speak (and if you choose to, it doesn’t have to be with words).

Here is a space for you to bring your unique perspective, participate, observe and witness how your long held visions of humanity, your desires and longings for tribe and community, they start to materialize, often without you “doing” anything, often through the others who have also answered the call to be here.

What comes up here tends to be the core stuff of humanity that keeps us from our natural state of aliveness, wonderment, emergent evolution and play.

Through each other we become each others medicine and get to see our own lens up close, personal, and as a group.

You may have moments where you think nothing of value to you is happening.

You may wonder why you even came.

You may even want to leave midway through.

You are free to do what you are called, no one is stopping you or trying to keep you. And there’s nothing to sell you on while we are there.


While there may not be an “agenda”, there actually is a container, and a structure; what occurs inside of it is up to you, up to us, up to God and the divine play that moves through us.

You will walk away with: 

–     A greater capacity to feel solid, clear, and un-phased by intense emotions (originating from you or others) be they intense pleasure/joy/play or intense chaos/fear/judgment;

–     A deeper capacity to accept both the light and the dark of any individual or group of humans and still be able to move into relationship or collaboration rather than reduce to isolation and gridlock on creative processes;

–    A visceral deeper trust in the beauty and resilience of the human heart, mind and body;

–     A greater capacity to both be immersed in a group environment AND also be the observer of the archetypal and transpersonal stories and patterns emerging, without getting lost in them;

–     A week-long experience of the easiest most delicious way of being vegan;

–     A seed experience that you take into your “regular” life which begins to bloom on it’s own time, with gentleness, as you interface with life and business as usual – and the areas and patterns you witnessed, shed or learned to embody more of at the retreat can come to be a normal thing in your actual lived experience at home.


This is not a personal development or spiritual workshop, traditional leadership training or mastermind.

There are no “big brothers or sisters” of past participants or people who are paying for their next level coaching program and required to work for “free” to “coach” you.

No one is assigned to you to check in on you, host your small group circle, or to psychologically hound you via text message or required phone check ins.

We aren’t doing a big Sales pitch while you’re here, but we might speak about our upcoming Online School, or other offerings and how you can participate in that. 

The event is not filled to the brim with guided practice or contrived embodiment exercise one after the other.

Instead, all of the tools and practices that you have been spending decades learning and paying for can come to surface organically, in a space free and clear of giving you anything more or assuming you need to learn more, be more, in order to show up play give and receive fully.

If you want to stay in contact with humans after the event, there’s no structure that we hold for that (there’s a group text thread on whats app and we generally host a few integration zoom gatherings post event) but it’s not required, invite only, or based on your ability to pay large sums of money to be in the group and play.

This event is not your usual business training…

The focal point of this event is NOT to deliver to you a step by step instruction on how to implement the Light Leadership Framework in your business or community.

That being said, we will find moments in our immersives to speak about the core concepts and structures of our culture and of the business framework itself. It’s not a comprehensive on the entire framework, but you can expect to hear about it and how deep we dive into it will be entirely dependent on the group of people that show up in this emergent container. 

If you want more specific instruction, direction, or consulting in how to implement the Light Leadership framework for your company, community, or team, please contact us and we would be happy to talk about how that works. 

We consistently find that people who attend Light Leadership Events, walk away with more spaciousness inside themselves and often a “leap up” in their level of presence, awareness, and consciousness that is the internal foundation for any one person to be able to function well and efficiently using our Light Leadership Framework for any organizational structure.



What I've witnessed in [my wife] most is her taking off her masks and layers of ego in how she interacts with the world. She’s felt safe enough to do this because she's been in a space where she feels loved and celebrated for who she is. So much of that is possible because of the safety and love and holding she’s experienced in community, and I know that's possible for anyone who comes into a space like this and opens their heart… I've witnessed it first hand. It's changed our lives.



Founder of Influex


LIGHT LEADERSHIP is the extreme adventure sport of coherence building and relating. As someone with over a decade of experience working on visionary projects, community, trainings, retreats, ceremony, trauma work and authentic relating, I see that this crew has created something revolutionary and needed for a world in transition.

Luke Kohen

Luke Kohen

Founder of Living Wisdom Retreats


The commitment at Light Leadership is to a set of personal and communal practices and values to model a new form of freely expressive, fully communicative, and co-creative human self-organizing…addressing inspiring projects on the theme of fostering "a world that works for everyone.

Luke Kohen

Artie Vipperla

Founder of Energy's Way


When I finally said yes to experiencing the full Light Leadership experience this past Fall, I saw that what they've been creating is a space for full range expression that is oh so necessary in these times of certain change..

I felt held and loved in the fullness of all that I am, in a way that allowed parts of me to express that had been held back for quite some time -- the most intimate spaces of my heart could be held with love, in community.

On the other side of that, I feel the expansion of my own capacity to express more in the greater world, as well as the willingness to do so, in ways that will become more evident as this year progresses.

What Light Leadership has done is built a coherent enough community of intimate connection that we can take greater risks together.

Ali Shanti

Ali Shanti

CEO of Eyes Wide Open & New
Law Business Model


Those who know me well know what I mean when I say I’ve been looking for the source code of human experience. Well I found it in Boulder a few months ago with Light Leadership and life has not been the same since.



Visionary of The Chrysalis Fund