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Light Leadership Trainings

We support leaders on their journey of self-mastery, to develop the capacity for small-group coherence in order to actualize a shared vision. If you are ready to expand beyond your limitations, we invite you to join us in the Light Leadership experience.

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Specialized support for individuals and teams

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An eight-fold initiatory arc

“With the people that we went through Light Leadership with, I have a deeper level of trust than I do with people I didn't go through Light Leadership with.

…what Light Leadership does and has done now, is built a coherent enough community of intimate connection that we can take greater risks.”- ALI SHANTI, Eyes Wide Open and New Law Business Model

The Light Leadership Team

It happened around a fire pit in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to our knowing one another, in the simplest of terms the world might have labeled us; Paul the transformational coach, Anna the lawyer, Diana the therapist, and Max the techie.

It was only after our “stuff” really came up… that a new, shared reality was birthed…

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