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In my prior post, I shared about my love of Costa Rica, and how Punta Mona (the permaculture farm founded by Stephen Brooks and Norman Brooks) grabbed my heart and soul, almost as if my dad was speaking to me from the other side.

Now, I want to share with you another post-Envision Festival event that has greatly impacted my life.

This one is being led by the Light Leadership community at The Imiloa Institute.

As I mentioned in my last post, thanks to my experiences with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca, I have recognized the responsibility of my privilege to choose where I put my attention as a huge part of my role in creating what Charles Eisenstein calls the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

I've been working with this responsibility and privilege for several years now, and it's been what I can only call an enlightening, confusing, uncertain, heart-opening, curious journey.

How much could I be all of myself, safely, but also on the edge of danger? Who could I really rely on to hold me and love me and support me and be in community with me as I leaned into these edges?

And, over the years, I have repeatedly found myself on this road with a group of people who have now coalesced themselves (ourselves) into a community by the name of Light Leadership, offering a body of work in community coherence building that is unlike anything I've seen or experienced elsewhere.

Over these years, as I've remained in various degrees of connection with this beautiful group of humans, I've watched them work through some of the most challenging issues around love, and work, and play in community, in ways that have consistently shocked and surprised me.

There were times when I wanted to run away from the level of intimacy and connection and truth they were offering. And, I created distance.

Even as I created that distance, so I could re-calibrate my own emotional capacity to expand into the ever more ability to hold that which I truly want, I felt them holding me with love.

When I finally said yes to experiencing the full Light Leadership experience this past Fall, I saw that what they've been creating is a space for full range expression that is oh so necessary in these times of certain change.

I felt held and loved in the fullness of all that I am, in a way that allowed parts of me to express that had been held back for quite some time -- the most intimate spaces of my heart could be held with love, in community.

On the other side of that, I feel the expansion of my own capacity to express more in the greater world, as well as the willingness to do so, in ways that will become more evident as this year progresses.

If you are ready to expand your own capacity for intimacy (not sexuality, INTIMACY), in service to the more beautiful world your heart knows is possible, you may want to make your way down to their event in Costa Rica after Envision. <3

This image by Devin Gabhart is from the Light Leadership event in snowy Colorado, at StarHouse.

Ali Shanti

Ali Shanti

Eyes Wide Open and New Law Business Model

Those who know me well know what I mean when I say I've been looking for the source code of this human experience. Well I found it in Boulder a few months ago and life has not been the same. Thank you Ali Shanti for this well articulated post describing her experience with Light Leadership. Looking forward to this Costa Rica journey we are about to embark on. ??✨?

Jason Doig

Jason Doig

The Chrysalis Fund

“What I've witnessed in [my wife] most is her taking off her masks of the ways that she interacts with the world because she's been in a space where she feels so loved and celebrated for who she is. She's gotten the safety to be able to take off the layers of ego to shine through as who she really is.

And it's been so beautiful to witness, and the impact that that's had on our relationship, the roller coaster of the process, and then what's been on the other side of that as this beautiful, magical, authentic being has shown up to shine. So much of that is possible and present because of the safety and love and how she's been held in community, and I know that that's possible for anyone who comes in to a space like this and opens their heart…………….I've witnessed it first hand. It's changed our lives, and I imagine that that feeling will continue to unfold over the next couple of days.”

Dimitry Kozlov

Dimitry Kozlov


My last morning here and I am drinking coffee on the edge of an infinity pool and an infinite reality.

I have surrounded myself with individuals who sometimes are known in community as Light Leadership, and we believe it's possible to create a more beautiful world... Heaven on earth. And this week I had a taste of heaven.

This last week and a half I was weathering complicated and emotionally charged relationship dynamics that felt akin to the universe putting us in a thunder dome with no escape and forcing us to face off till we popped out the other sides as two souls in deep friendship. Actual love. Allies.

Throughout it all, we had community support that truly painted a totally revolutionary picture of how skillfully community can show up. The emotional intelligence among these beautiful people, my people, is second to none.

I have been invited to stay connected to my tribe, to my emotions, to get angry or sad or rageful, to freak out, to yell underwater, into a pillow, and at several people's faces. I have been called out for not standing up for myself, for playing the victim, for coddling other people's victim while wearing a mask of compassion, when truly the reason that I wasn't speaking my mind was because I was afraid that if I brought my true voice I would lose love and connection. So I was supported in speaking my truth, and the other person was supported in learning to listen, undefended, to that truth.

I have been shown my fears, my blocks, my lies I tell myself, my resistance, my defenses, and my inner child, and now as I catch a glimpse of the other side of things I feel breathtaking freedom. Freedom from my shadow. Freedom from the unconcious places in myself that were keeping me safe and simultaneously keeping me chained to my suffering.

I also spent my time here in paradise falling in love with 18 people at once. I danced naked under a full moon on a rooftop overlooking a jungle and an ocean as someone fed me rich, organic chocolates and people drew me into a pile of cuddles. I've been finding pieces to delight in within the hearts of people who are strong, healed and healing, self aware, sexy af, truly courageous, and rapturously revolutionary.

People who trust the universe so much because they know that on some level, they created it all. Everything they are experiencing. People who know that when one or two people are in a process of struggle and healing, that they are healing that wound for the collective consciousness, for all men and women. People who know that love looks like freedom, and freedom looks like unhindered expression.

This community is not for the faint of heart, this community is for those that actually want to know themselves, that actually want life to strip away the chaff to get to the truth of who we are, and who we could be.

This radical style of relating is literally learning a new way to be human. And it has changed who I am. It has helped me to free myself into deeper happiness and self acceptance than I have ever been in before. I am so grateful. So lucky. So in love.

Kaira Mayestra

Kaira Mayestra